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“Aiutatemi a ritrovare
la Toronto della mia infanzia”

TORONTO – “Voglio solo cercare il mio passato e mi rendo conto che le cose non rimangono le stesse e cambiano negli anni…”: Rosanna Natale, immigrata in Canada dall’Italia dal 1959, sta cercando di ripercorrere le strade della sua infanzia e giovinezza: ha già trovato tante tracce ed è a metà della ricerca, ma mancano ancora alcuni passaggi e chiede aiuto ai lettori del Corriere Canadese, il quotidiano italiano a Toronto, per ripercorrerli. (more…)

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What is under the Atlantic bubble?

Canada exceeds 800 thousand cases of Covid-19, but in the Atlantic, the situation is under control

Photo: Susan Kirkland, Head of the Department of Epidemiology at Dalhousie University, Halifax

The world continues to enact new closures, policies and lockdowns to contain the outbreak of Covid-19, while the bubble with which the Canadian Atlantic is protected seems to have an effect. Even as the rest of Canada has crossed another daunting threshold with more than 800,000 cases, the Atlantic region continues its pace of life. (more…)

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Se apaga el turismo de Toronto Ingresos de hoteles, restaurantes y atracciones se desploman a la mitad

El sector turístico de Toronto fue una de las primeras industrias afectadas por el coronavirus y se espera que pierda miles de millones de dólares en gastos directos e indirectos durante el primer semestre de 2021, a pesar del apoyo de $125 millones de dólares ofrecido por Lisa MacLeod, ministra provincial de Patrimonio, Deporte, Turismo y Asuntos Culturales para Toronto y otras ciudades de Ontario. (more…)

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Covid-19 hits Toronto tourism Hotel, restaurant and attraction revenue plummets by half

Toronto’s tourism sector was one of the first industries affected by the coronavirus and is expected to lose billions of dollars in direct and indirect spending during the first half of 2021, despite the $ 125 million support offered by Lisa MacLeod, Provincial Minister of Heritage, Sports, Tourism and Cultural Affairs for Toronto and other Ontario cities. (more…)

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Adiós al spring break Trudeau suspende vuelos e impacta a México, El Caribe… y a Canadá

Desde el inicio del 2021, Canadá comenzó a exigir que todos los residentes y viajeros presenten una prueba negativa de Covid-19 antes de su salida a Canadá. Pero desde México, que forma junto a Canadá y Estados Unidos el tratado comercial T-MEC, y los países del Caribe no hay siquiera vuelos.

El primer ministro canadiense, Justin Trudeau, anunció las nuevas restricciones de viaje diciendo que todas las aerolíneas, incluyendo Air Canada, estuvieron de acuerdo en cancelar “todos los destinos del Caribe y México” hasta el 30 de abril. (more…)

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Bye, bye spring break! Trudeau suspends flights and impacts Mexico, the Caribbean… and Canada

Beginning 2021, Canada began requiring all residents and travellers to submit a negative test for Covid-19 before leaving for Canada. But from Mexico, which together with Canada and the United States forms the CUSMA trade agreement, and the Caribbean countries there are not even flights.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the new travel restrictions saying that all airlines, including Air Canada, agreed to cancel “all destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico” until April 30. (more…)

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Update of the Covid-19 Landscape

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of March 1, 2021, at 2:30pm (EST).

Globally, there have been over 114 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 according to Johns Hopkins University data.  Since the start of the pandemic, over 90 million people have recovered and more than 2.5 million fatalities were attributable to the virus.

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“Help me find the Toronto
of my childhood”

TORONTO – “ I just want to search for my past and I realize things don’t remain the same and change over the years…”: Rosanna Natale, immigrated in Canada from Italy since 1959, is trying to retrace the paths of her childhood and youth: she has already found many traces and she’s halfway through her search, but she still has some steps missing and she asks for help from the readers of Corriere Canadese, the italian newspaper in Toronto,  in order to retrace them. (more…)

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Catholic Schools can [finally] take a victory lap

TORONTO – February 25, 2021. Thursday’s Supreme Court of Canada (SOC) decision re the Theodore school question in Saskatchewan offers an insight into constitutionally guaranteed denominational rights and the primacy of the Constitution over subordinate (inferior) legislation.

Lawyers will rush to “differentiate” the issues under consideration and the consequential implications. It is what they are trained to do – much like critics who “parse” sentences and literary works. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;