Day: 7 February 2021

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Covid-19 precautions halt influenza in its tracks

TORONTO – What’s comforting about Covid-19 cases aplenty and the new, highly transmissible UK variant circulating throughout communities and countries struggling to contains Covid-19 infections? Influenza levels remain “exceptionally low”. Initial fears that flu cases would exacerbate an overburdened health care system dealing with the coronavirus pandemic have not quite materialized. Thank heavens for that.

English Health & Medicine

Dueling a double epidemic

TORONTO – The Covid-19 pandemic response may have some unexpected effects, for instance, a reduction in the prevalence of influenza. Yet, it has exacerbated a dark and deadly issue, the opioid crisis in Canada. Communities across the nation are reeling from the unprecedented levels of drug-related deaths.

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Rompicapo vaccini, Moderna taglia le dosi per il Canada

TORONTO – Ancora problemi sul fronte vaccini in Canada. Per la terza volta in poche settimane le forniture di vaccino anti Covid-19 destinate al nostro Paese subiranno dei tagli rispetto ai quantitativi previsti. Stando ad alcuni documenti del Public Health Agency of Canada pubblicati ieri in esclusiva da Ctv, anche nella settimana del 22 febbraio.

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Ethical “triumphs and casualties” of Covid-19

TORONTO – In a crisis, there is always a reset, a reshuing of the deck (of cards). Covid-19 is the crisis of the day – everywhere and in all aspects of life – government, economy, education, ethics… the list goes on. It is a crisis whose proportions and dimensions are fast approaching the uncontrollable. In ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;