Day: 8 February 2021

English Interviews

The pandemic source of inspiration for Carlo Bianchini

MARKHAM – The pandemic, for an artist, can also be a source of inspiration. And so it was for Carlo Bianchini, a young Canadian singer-songwriter son of Italian immigrants. Between the first and the second lockdown, Carlo wrote and recorded, in his home-studio in Markham, the album “Quarantine Sessions”.

English Health & Medicine

The power of music in Alzheimer’s disease

TORONTO – Music has the innate ability to trigger parts of the brain that evoke emotions and memories. Simply take note the next time you hear a particular tune or favourite melody. Does it recall a specific memory? For people living with Alzheimer’s, music can be an important instrument in helping these individuals.

English Opinion

The order of the marketplace is clear: do your job or leave

TORONTO – There is a limit to the people’s patience. Opinion polls (the most recent by Abacus, February 4) suggest the public is growing distrusting of “political leadership” – irrespective of party preference. It is increasingly concerned about health (physical and mental), education, the economy and a “return to normalcy”. ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;